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Commercial Loans | Why Obtain Information on Commercial Loans from CRE Lender

Risk is the number one way that lenders decide what to charge in interest, and risk itself is subjective. While there is certainly a science to risk assessment in commercial loans, how to determine if an individual is a risk can be subjective – especially when looking at business plans, credit scores, regions, and other information in which a hard science is not always possible.

Yet because of this risk lies an inherent problem for borrowers:

  • How do you find the lender that sees you as the lowest risk so that you can obtain the best financing options?
  • How do you determine when the rate is fair, or when it can be lower?
  • How do you select a lender to submit your information to when so many are available?

CRE Lender and Evaluating Loans

CRE Lender has the solution. We’re not a lending company or a mortgage broker. Instead, we’re data analysts and underwriters that focus on evaluating information and putting you in contact with the lenders that are right for you. We look at nearly 40,000,000 previous loans and over 45,000 lenders to find the ones that match your data. Then we send you over to approval, and you are able to find out if the loan is right for you.

This methodology allows you to obtain low rate and customized commercial loans that are ideal for your repayment efforts, all while saving you additional time and money by letting CRE Lender do the shopping around work for you. We also prepare your loan for the lender so that it can be approved faster and answer questions that you have in order to make sure that you receive the best possible rate.

The CRE Lender Difference

We at CRE Lender look at you as more than an investor in a property. You’re an investor in your life, and we want to be a part of that. That’s why we have developed a commercial loans database of information and use our expertise to connect you to the loan that is right for you.

Sign up today for no obligation information about how to start closing on your commercial loans and who is the best source to contact. Our experts are happy to take on your loan in its entirety and find the lender that is perfect for you. Sign up today to find out more. 

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