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Commercial Mortgage Loan | Average Closing Rates on Commercial Mortgage Loans

Closing costs are some of the forgotten fees of doing real estate transactions, and – in the case of commercial mortgage loans – can sometimes hit investors pretty hard. While all real estate transactions have closing costs, a commercial mortgage loan is more likely to have higher costs because far more work is involved in creating and completing these loans compared to single family housing.

Who pays for what closing costs is always negotiable, so you may be able to convince a seller to pay off some of your closing costs in the transaction. But in some cases, you may be requested to pay the seller’s closing costs instead. So make sure you’re talking to your lender or broker and figuring that out while you complete the transaction.

What Closing Costs Cover

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to provide average closing costs because property values range dramatically, each state has different taxes and laws, and each lender has different fees.

You’ll be expected to pay for surveying the property, any environmental reports, property inspection expenses, business licensing fees, and any other fees associated with putting the property in your name. In some cases you can convince a seller to cover these closing fees, but they often have fees of their own and may be more motivated to sell to investors that are willing to pay the fees themselves.

Closing Commercial Mortgage Loans

All of these numbers can be intimidating, but that’s why it’s so important to find the right help. At CRE Lender, we have years of experience matching investors to the lenders that suit their finances, and the ones that will offer them the best rates given the property and credit information.

If you’re interested in learning about what makes CRE Lender so valuable, or if you want to get started financing your next loan, sign up with CRE Lender today.

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