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Triple Net Lease | How to Obtain a Triple Net Lease Loan

In order to obtain a triple net lease loan, you must have the lessee on a well-designed triple net lease policy. You should also sign up with CRE Lender, because we can get you in touch with expert lenders that are happy to provide you with the loan you need.

What is a Triple Net Lease | What is a Triple Net Lease Loan?

Triple net lease loans are a great tool for taking advantage of the value in your triple net lease. Lenders love these leases because they protect the borrower, and are willing to provide these loans for lower interest than other types of commercial property lending.

What Does “Triple Net” Mean?

“Triple Net” is a term that describes a lease that covers the three “nets” – the leftover costs of owning a property beyond the rent/mortgage. CRE lender explores what these NNN leases are and what they mean for commercial property owners.

What is Triple Net | Who Benefits From a Triple Net Lease?

Triple net leases are some of the most advantageous types of loans for commercial property owners. They can also be beneficial for borrowers. We explore what these benefits are at CRE Lender.

Triple Net Lease Defined: The Triple Net Lease Definition

The term “triple net lease” is thrown around often in today’s commercial property landscape, but very few people truly define it in a way that is understandable to the new investor. We attempt to describe it in this article.

What Does Triple Net Mean for Banks?

Banks love triple net leases. Even though the lease itself is of little concern to banks, the property owner has the opportunity to use these leases as leverage to get great loans on the property. Find out more about these loans and why banks love these types of leases.

Definition of Triple Net Lease, Sale Leaseback, and Credit-Tenant Lease

There are a lot of terms in commercial real estate that all seem very similar to the new investor. We define three different definitions – “triple net lease,” “sale leaseback,” and “credit-tenant lease.” Find out what these terms mean in this article.

Triple Net Lease Means Property Owners Can “Set it and Forget it”

One of the main reasons that triple net leases are so popular is because the property owner doesn’t have to cover any of the expenses of the property. They can almost entirely leave the property alone for years at a time. Find out more about why triple net leases can mean very little involvement on the part of the property owner.

Triple Net Leases | Why Do Tenants Choose Triple Net Leases?

Triple net leases are considered one of the most beneficial leases for commercial property owners. But why do tenants agree to them? We explore some of the reasons that businesses sign triple net leases and what the benefits are for them.

Lease Triple Net | What Should You Know?

At CRE Lender, we work with many property owners that want to put their property up for rent on triple net leases. But before you can do that, you need to make sure your property qualifies and you’re prepared for what it means.

Triple Net Properties | 4 Benefits of Triple Net Property Investments

We explore the major benefits of finding a tenant to rent a triple net property. We try our best to explain these benefits in simple terms so you can see why these types of properties and leases are so valuable for you.

List of Common Commercial Real Estate Financial NNN Charges

For both tenants and landlords, signing at triple net lease requires understanding all of the expenses that will be involved with this type of lease. We provide that information in the different commercial real estate triple net charges.

Triple Net Lease Example | An Example of Triple Net Leases and Their Loans

At CRE Lender, we’ve helped many commercial property owners understand their triple net loans. We provide a story of what it means and examples, so that you can better understand these leases for all of your needs.

Triple Net Lease Sample Loan Types | Two Ways Lenders Provide Loans to Property Owners

Lenders love triple net leases, and are happy to provide loans to those that have them on their property. But there are actually two different types of loans you may qualify for. Find out what they are in this article from CRE Lender.

What Does NNN Mean in Real Estate Terms?

It’s sometimes hard to picture what a NNN lease means for the commercial property owner, so we explore what an NNN lease means so that you can better understand your options.

Triple Net Basis Lease | What is the Basis for Determining if Triple Net is Really Triple Net?

Not all triple net leases are actually triple net, and before you buy or invest in a property that is on a triple net lease, you need to make sure that it is actually a triple net lease and not a double net lease that happens to have more provisions.

What Are The Common Triple Net Lease Insurance Reqs?

Insurance is one of the three “nets” of a triple net lease, and it is required on commercial properties. There are many different types of insurance available for triple net properties. Explore those different insurance requirements in this article.