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CRE Lender Commercial Lending Information

At CRE Lender, we are the number one leading source of commercial loans and commercial lending. We’re provide commercial loans for people looking to purchase or refinance commercial investment properties. Connecting you to competitive commercial loans that are certain to meet your financial needs and help you see a profit on your investment.

If you are in the market for commercial building loans or commercial refinancing, check out the following informational pages below to find out about the services we offer and the industry itself. Don’t forget to contact CRE Lender today to get the best possible commercial property loan available today.

Commercial Loan | What is a Commercial Loan?

A commercial loan is an important tool for investors that are looking into large properties. They can be tough to obtain, but with the right guidance you can quickly see your dream of investing turn into a reality.

Commercial Mortgage | Should You Work With a Commercial Mortgage Broker?

Commercial mortgage brokers are one of many options in commercial lending. But because of the difficulties in obtaining a commercial mortgage, some people find them an ideal tool for improving your ability to find financing.

Commercial Bridge Loan Lenders | The Value of Commercial Bridge Loan Lenders

Those that need to find an apartment quickly may need to seek out commercial bridge loan lenders. These lenders are willing to provide you with hard money financing to make sure you can obtain your property while you wait for your loan to close.

Commercial Loan Credit Score | What is the Minimum Credit Score For Commercial Loan?

Most commercial loan companies require a minimum credit score in order to provide you with a loan. The credit score may change between lenders, but they tend to hover around the same number unless you are able to successfully explain your credit score.

Careers in Commercial Loan Compliance

While not the most common career choice for college students, loan compliance is becoming such an important part of the finance world that those that seek out a career in the field are likely to easily find employment.

Recent News in GE Commercial Finance

GE Finance and GE Capital are some of the leading providers of lending to investors seeking both small and large loans. Check here for some recent news in GE Commercial Finance.

Career in Commercial Loan Compliance | Benefits of a Career in Commercial Loan Compliance

It’s rare that any career choice is fulfilling for both the employer and the client, but with a career in commercial loan compliance you’ll find that your job is always satisfying.

Interest Only Commercial Loan | What is an Interest Only Commercial Loan?

While they have their downsides, an interest only commercial loan can be a great choice for borrowers that need lower payments as their business grows before they adjust to higher payments in the future.

Commercial Loan Mortgage in Phoenix

Phoenix has a lot of commercial properties available to rent for those that are interest in investing. But how do you find a commercial loan when you need a commercial loan mortgage in Phoenix?

How to Find a Buyer of Commercial Mortgage Note

Those that are holding onto commercial mortgage notes and want to turn those notes into cash need to find a buyer that purchases these commercial notes. We explore how to find that type of buyer.

Commercial Mortgage Wholesale | Introduction to Commercial Mortgage Wholesale

Wholesale commercial mortgages are quickly becoming a popular choice for borrowers and investors because they generally result in either less interest or fewer fees, along with potentially less work on the part of the borrower.

Commercial Mortgage Refinance Rates | What Are the Current Refinance Rates?

Refinancing a commercial mortgage is something you should only do once or twice over the course of your loan. That’s why knowing the current commercial mortgage refinance rates is so important, because only when rates are low is refinancing worth the time and effort.

Commercial Mortgage Loan Rate | Our Current Updated Commercial Mortgage Loan Rates

Rates for borrowing for a commercial mortgage change regularly, and are affected by the economy, the type of property, your credit rating and more. But when you’re looking for a loan, knowing the commercial loan rate can help you decide if the investment is worth your time. .

Commercial Lender Mortgage in the US | What Lenders Are Available for Commercial Mortgages?

The United States has some of the best lenders in the world. Knowing who the big players are in commercial mortgage lending is valuable, but keep in mind that some of the best lenders for your loan may be those you least expect.

Acquire a Commercial Lender Mortgage | What You Need to Acquire a Commercial Mortgage

The process to acquire a commercial mortgage from a qualified lender can be time consuming, but once everything is organized you do have the potential to close a loan quickly and purchase the property you want.

Can a Commercial Loan Be Refinanced a Second Time?

Refinancing is generally something that you only want to do once on a commercial mortgage loan. But what if it can be refinanced even further? Is it even possible to get a second commercial refinance?

Commercial Lender Mortgage Wholesale | 5 Things to Ask a Mortgage Broker

Before you ever decide to work with a mortgage broker on a wholesale loan, find out the right questions to ask so that you’re able to make sure the broker is working in your best interests.

What Interest Rates Do You Get on a Mortgage From a Commercial Mortgage Broker?

Commercial mortgage broker interest rates may be different than the rates you would get retail. In some cases they may be better. In other cases they may be worse. It often depends on the broker and your situation.

Commercial Loan Direct Lender | What is a Commercial Loan Direct Lender?

Direct lenders are the most common type of lending on the market, but they’re not necessarily the option that most people choose. Find out more about what a commercial loan direct lender is and the benefits of working with one.

Commercial Mortgage Wholesale Lender | Difference Between Wholesale Lenders and Direct Lenders

Wholesale lenders are very different from direct lenders. One sells your loan on a secondary market. The other provides your loan from its own pocket and runs your loan themselves.

Commercial Mortgage Broker | When a YSP May Not Be a Problem

One of the reasons that people are afraid to work with commercial mortgage brokers is because in some cases there may be an increase in interest rate, known as a YSP, that is used to pay back the broker for their work. Even though you may want a lower rate, the YSP may actually be to your advantage.

Commercial Property Loan Interest Rates | Factors That Go Into Commercial Loan Interest

When lenders decide on your commercial property loan interest rate, they look at countless factors – some of which are beyond your control. We explore some of the factors that go into create your own personal rate.

Commercial Mortgage Loan | Average Closing Rates on Commercial Mortgage Loans

There are some significant fees associated with closing on a commercial mortgage loan, and in some cases they may differ between companies. How do you know if your rate is best? You compare across other commercial mortgage loans.

Commercial Mortgages Lender | Tips for Selecting the Right Commercial Mortgages Lender

There are thousands of commercial mortgage lenders out there, and each one has its own benefits for the borrowers that are seeking out their services. Find out more about how to select a lender in this article.

Refinancing Commercial Loan: Business Plans and Other Considerations

While refinancing your commercial loan is advantageous, not all lenders are willing to take on the additional risk that comes with the updated loan. Find out what you need to make the refinancing possible/more likely.

Commercial Mortgage Lending Bad Credit | How to Get a Bad Credit Commercial Mortgage

It is possible to obtain a commercial mortgage with bad credit from some lending companies. The process, however, is very difficult, and even if you can find a lender that will take on your loan, the question is: should you?

Commercial Lender Mortgage Second | Why Most Commercial Lenders Refuse Second Mortgages

Funding a commercial lender mortgage is never easy, and often takes significant capital on your part. We explore whether or not you can take out a second mortgage in order to cover the costs of your down payment, and why it’s a challenge to purchase a property without the money on hand.

When is the Best Time to Refinance a Bad Commercial Credit Loan?

It’s not uncommon for borrowers to choose a bad rate commercial loan when they’re in need of purchasing a property and do not qualify for a better rate. So when is the right time to refinance that loan?

Commercial Lending | Differences Between Private Lending and Institutional Bank Commercial Lending

There are many different lending sources for excited investors. But in order to find the commercial lending that is right for you, you need to examine the differences between the types of lenders.

Business Commercial Loan | Top 5 Business Commercial Loan Mistakes

While a quality business commercial loan is possible, there are several different types of mistakes that can hold you back from obtaining the loan that is right for you. Find out what the top five mistakes are and how to fix them.

Commercial Mortgage Property | 5 Reasons Lenders Refuse to Finance a Commercial Mortgage Property

On your path to obtaining a commercial mortgage on your property you may occasionally run into rejection. Find out why some lenders may reject your loan even if you are confident that it is a good investment for you.

Commercial Financing | Benefits of Commercial Financing with Lenders That Require No Business Plan

Many lenders require a business plan before you can purchase a property. But there are a few commercial financing companies that do not feel a business plan is necessary. The following are some of the reasons that a company may not need this type of plan.

Commercial Loan Rate | Understanding Commercial Loan Rate Risk in Long Term Fixed Rate Loans

Why do lenders have higher commercial loan rates for longer loans? Why do finance companies need to charge more to fixed rate lenders? We explore the reasons in this article.

100% Commercial Mortgages | Benefits and Dangers of 100% Commercial Mortgages

While nearly every lending company requires at least 20% down if not more before they will allow you to obtain a loan, there are a select few companies that have 100% commercial mortgages. Find out more about them.

Commercial Lending Banks | List of the Top Commercial Lending Banks

Lenders vary in size. Some offer only a few dozen loans a year, and others service thousands of properties each month. Find out more about the commercial lending banks that tend to offer the highest number of commercial mortgages.

Church Commercial Loan | How to Get a Church Commercial Loan

Despite being a religious institution, churches require a church commercial loan. Some lenders specialize in these types of loans, but are they the best choice for your lending needs?

Commercial Mortgage Real Estate | Types of Commercial Real Estate for Financing

Lenders not only look at the numbers and the property itself, but also the types of property. Some types of commercial mortgage real estate tends to have a higher success rate than others. Find out the types of properties that lenders look at.

Mortgage Commercial Loan Information | CRE Lender and Mortgage Commercial Loan Information

CRE Lender is a source of commercial mortgage loan information for borrowers all over the country, providing you with information on loans that are specific to the properties you planned to purchase.

Commercial Finance | 7 Trends in Commercial Lending and Commercial Finance

The world of commercial finance is constantly changing, and the more you can ensure that the property represents the future of finance, the more likely you will be able to obtain a better loan in the future.

Commercial Refinance Mortgage | Good News and Bad News for Commercial Refinance Mortgage

Because of the economic crash, there is some good news for those looking for a commercial mortgage refinance, as well as a little bit of bad news for investors looking to do it all o ntheir own.

Refinance a Commercial Mortgage | Are You Ready to Refinance Your Commercial Mortgage?

Before you can refinance a commercial mortgage you need to make sure that you’re ready – in terms of credit score, finances available, a history of financing and so on. Find out more about what it takes to get ready to refinance.

Commercial Construction | How to Get Your Commercial Construction Loan Financed

It is notoriously difficult to find a company that will refinance your commercial construction project. But it is possible, especially if you seek help from those with connections to the industry.

Commercial Construction | LTV and Commercial Construction Lending

There are very few lenders that finance commercial construction contractors, but part of that is because of the LTV of construction. The better your LTV, the more likely you are to get the loan you’ve hoped for.

Commercial Loan Mortgage | 5 Things to Know About Commercial Loan Mortgage Brokers

Commercial loan mortgage brokers are there to work for you. But you have to understand what they do, why, and whether or not it’s in your best interests before you choose to work with on to fund your project.

Mortgage Lender Commercial Loan | Why Good Lenders Won’t Gouge You

Many are worried that their commercial lenders are trying to cheat them on their commercial loan. The good news is that cheating is not very likely for a variety of reasons.

Commercial Loans | Why Obtain Information on Commercial Loans from CRE Lender

CRE Lender is simply the best way to get your commercial loans financed. Find out why you should sign up with CRE Lender today!

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