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The Portfolio Division at CRELender has a long history of placing a variety of creative mortgage financing solutions and a proud legacy of providing the highest-quality mortgage services to real estate investors, developers and business owners across America. We are nationally recognized experts in all income-producing property types, offering mortgage placement for permanent, acquisition, repositioning, and construction financing requests.

Whether it’s a long term, fixed rate, or a short-term interest-only acquisition/renovation loan, the Portfolio Division is dedicated to providing our customers with the best loans available to enhance their development. Because we manage the entire loan process, from application to underwriting and closing, we remain highly attentive to our borrowers’ complex needs throughout the life of the loan. Portfolio professionals bring together an array of services tailored to assist you in meeting these personal goals. Using collaborative efforts, we can help you refine your planning strategies and realize your investment goals.

We navigate transactions by establishing long-term relationships founded on good communication and trust, delivering timely solutions and closing loans on time. Our seasoned corporate capital markets advisors will carefully analyze your commercial real estate schedules, financial statements, and operational plans. We then proceed to design an action plan that matches your objectives with a range of potential finance options.

Our team is uniquely positioned to meet the debt financing needs of a wide variety of commercial banking clients. The common connecting thread that runs through every aspect of the company is a consistent focus on competing for and accommodating market niches.

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