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Commercial Loan Direct Lender | What is a Commercial Loan Direct Lender?

One of the reasons that individuals have such a hard time navigating the commercial lending market is because there are multiple different ways to try to get a loan. Many go through mortgage brokers, others are correspondent brokers, but many people choose to go the simplest route – with a direct lender.

Commercial loan direct lenders work directly with you, the borrower. There is no broker, and generally there is no separate underwriter working for their own profits. Sometimes commercial loan direct lenders are known as “retail lenders,” because the loans are offered directly to those that need it.

Who Are Direct Lenders?

Many lenders supply a loan and sell it into the secondary market. Direct lenders often deal with loans in their own name with their own money. While any lending company can technically be a direct lender if they offer the loans themselves, the vast majority of commercial loan direct lenders are banks. In 2013, the top 5 direct lenders were:

  • Bank of America: $27,500,000,000 financed.
  • US Bancorp: $26,500,000,000 financed.
  • Wells Fargo: $26,370,000,000 financed.
  • PNC Real Estate: $14,315,000 financed.
  • Prudential Mortgage Capital Co.: $12,205,000,000 financed.

If you go further down the list, you start to see additional names like Mesa West Capital, FirstMerit Bank, and Natixis Real Estate Capital – all of these are direct lenders. Notice that not all of these companies are banks themselves, but they are often affiliated to banks. Natixis, for example, is an arm of one of the largest banks in France.

Commercial loan direct lenders are often chosen because they are trusted by the public. In some cases the interest rates may actually be more than other lenders because banks know that they have that trust, and so they charge more to associate the loan with their name. But for many, the idea of going with a commercial loan direct lender provides them with the added peace of mind that they need for their loan, and so they’re willing to risk paying more in order to have that sense of security.

CRE Lender is proud to be closely connected to dozens of direct commercial lenders, and we’re confident that if you sign up with us, we’ll put you in touch with lenders and/or brokers that are certain to meet your needs. Sign up with CRE Lender today to learn more about our services or to get started with the lending process. 

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