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Apartment Mortgage Rates | Current Rates for Apartment Ownership

If you’re in the market for an apartment mortgage, shopping around for the best possible rate is crucial. Your ability to profit depends largely on the rate that you receive from lenders, because if you adjust your rent costs too much to compensate for higher monthly payments, you risk turning away tenants and losing out on monthly profit.

Like all lines of credit, apartment mortgage rates vary between lenders, risk, and credit. Before providing you with a rate, lenders will need to consider:

  • LTV Rate – The loan to value rate can have a significant effect on the rate of the mortgage. Lenders are willing to accept less profit if they know you’re more financially involved in ownership, thereby decreasing their risk. LTV can affect rate by as much as 2 to 3%.
  • Types of Loans – Different loan types may also affect your interest rate. For example, an HUD FHA loan may be several percentage points less than a standard agency loan.
  • Terms – Terms have a significant effect on the interest rate. 15 year mortgages at an LTV of 60% may be significantly more than a 5 year mortgage with an LTV at 75%, despite the lower LTV. Lenders that know you can pay the loan back quickly are more likely to provide you with a lower rate.
  • Amount – Loan amount also affects the interest rates. Apartments that are over 5 million are likely to have a different interest rate than apartments under 1 million. Lenders will look at what the amount of the loan carries in terms of risk, and may decide that a higher or lower loan amount may be more risky or less risky depending on the area.
  • Type of Multi-Family Housing – Even the type of housing can affect mortgage rates. For example, senior housing may have a different interest rate than traditional apartment housing, and those that are planning on living in their apartments may (in some cases) be able to find a better rate than those running their apartment only like a business.

As with all loans, your apartment mortgage rate may also be affected by little things like your personal credit, the number of renters already on the property, the lenders themselves and what they can afford, the fees, and so much more. So keep in mind that no apartment mortgage rates are a static number. Every lender has their own way of calculating risk, deciding who deserves a loan, and whether or not they should charge a premium for the life of the loan.

Current Mortgage Interest Rates

Because of the different factors, the rate of your mortgage can change depending on the property and all of your personal finances. However, the following are some of the more current interest rates as of 2014:

Fannie Mae:

  • 5/30 – 3.49%
  • 10/30 – 4.27%
  • 15/30 – 5.005%

Freddie Mac

  • 5/30 – 3.71%
  • 10/30 – 4.49%
  • 15/30 – 5.027%


  • 30/30 – 3.25%
  • 35/35 – 3.5%
  • 40/40 – 3.75%

At CRE Lender we do our best to connect with the lowest possible interest rate for your apartment home mortgage. Visit our rate page for more current rate information, and sign up with us today to find out more about our apartment loan services.

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