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Apartment Mortgage Lending | Customized Apartment Loans For Your Investment

In today’s market, there is a significant need for more apartments and multi-family housing options. Fewer and fewer families want the right of a home loan, and would prefer to rent rather than potentially suffer from another housing crisis. That means that more investors are looking into purchasing multi-family properties, because these properties will stay in demand even if the housing market crashes again.

Although multi-family housing is quickly becoming one of the best investments that an individual can make, the profit potential on that type of investment changes depending on the quality of your loan. Ideally, you need as customized a loan as possible to ensure your maximum profit.

Types of Customization Provided by Apartment Mortgage Lending

Because of the risk involved, there is a limit to the types of customization that apartment mortgage lenders are willing to offer. But some examples of customizable options include:

  • Type of Rate – Variable or fixed rates are often options. While fixed rate is the norm, especially in a low interest environment, those that may consider selling the property during a time when interest rates may continue to drop may want to consider an adjustable rate.
  • Assumable – While uncommon, there are some apartment mortgages that are assumable – meaning that someone could walk in and take the loan from you without necessarily buying you out and finding a new lender. These days very few lenders provide this option, but when an interest rate is low, this type of lending is popular for borrowers, because they can use the low interest rate as an incentive to sell the property.
  • Interest Only – Another uncommon but available loan is an interest only loan. Interest only loans allow you to pay only interest for a few years before you start paying back the principal, in order to make sure that you’re able to collect some extra savings in case of emergencies. Interest only loans often come with some strings and drawbacks, so they’re not necessarily the best choice, but in some cases (especially investments that take up most of your available assets), it may be a smart decision.

There are also all of the traditional ways to customize a loan as well, including choosing the number of years. All of these options are available to apartment purchasers just as they’re available to any other type of property owner.

Getting Started With Apartment Mortgage Lending

Because all of these options are available – and because of the documents and data necessary to take out these larger loans – it’s important that you’re able to work with someone that specializes in financing both small and large multi-family housing.

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