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How to Find a Buyer of Commercial Mortgage Note

Owning a commercial mortgage note is like owning a piece of incredibly valuable stock. Those that hold the note often have potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in value, and by holding onto them you can have an investment that pays you back for years to come.

But like stocks, commercial mortgage notes involve risk and can take years to turn a profit. When you need cash now or no longer want to take the risk of the loan, you can sell your note and see your investment turn into an immediate profit.

Where to Find a Buyer of Commercial Mortgage Notes

The problem is finding a buyer. If you are not already working in a place where mortgage note exchange is common, you end up being left with a valuable piece of paper that is difficult to pawn to those that are willing to give you the best value.

Like any investment, you want to sell it for the best possible price. That means you need to shop around, you need to compare and contrast, and you need to see who will provide you with the right amount of cash now to make selling the note worth your time.

Using the Internet to Find a Buyer    

The most common place to find a commercial mortgage note buyer is the internet, where you can search specifically for buyers and find someone that is interested in your property. But keep in mind that when you find a buyer online, the buyers are traditionally aware that you’re trying to sell your note and may take advantage of that desperation.

At CRE Lender, we can help you with a better strategy. When you sign up with CRE Lender, we can help you find multiple buyers for your commercial mortgage notes, and then we can compare and contrast those buyers to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal. Working with CRE Lender will help ensure that you’re not taken advantage of, because we’re not your buyers – we simply put you in a position where you are able to get the best possible valuable from your note.

Sign up with CRE Lender today to find out more about our services, and to learn why we’re a great choice for investors in today’s commercial real estate market.

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