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Commercial Refinance Mortgage | Good News and Bad News for Commercial Refinance Mortgage

Refinancing a commercial mortgage can be a complex game for a lot of investors. But thankfully for those that are looking for a commercial refinance, mortgage trends have changed and your ability to refinance has changed with it.

The Good News

Because bank lending has decreased, private lenders and brokers have now turned the commercial refinance mortgage industry more competitive. For those that shop around, this generally means lower rates and the ability to have lenders fight for you, not the other way around.

Similarly, lenders understand how much has changed since 2008, and the struggles since. They are understanding of the need to refinance a mortgage when your credit has improved and your LTV has decreased, and they are also more willing to help people out of problematic loans that they may have accidentally fallen into as a result of shady lending practices.

The Bad News

One of the only problems with those commercial clients trying to refinance a mortgage is that it can be difficult to find the lenders willing to refinance someone else’s loan. Many lenders prefer to let the lender that first issued the loan be the one to take on all of the risk, even if the loan itself appears to be of value to the company.

CRE Lender and Finding Commercial Mortgage Refinance Companies

At CRE Lender, our goal is to make your commercial property refinance all good news. By analyzing 45,000 different lending sources and comparing nearly 40,000,000 title records, our organization is able to successfully prepare your refinancing documents, submit them to lenders, and make sure that your property receives the best rate possible.

Our expertise allows us to take any commercial refinance mortgage application and find a private lender, bank, or broker that can turn that new mortgage into a reality and get you the lower rate that you deserve. If you’re looking for refinancing experts that can:

  • Get you approved in 45 days.
  • Find the best rate available.
  • Process your information and submit it to underwriters.
  • Shop refinancing loans for you.

You’ll find that CRE Lenders is all of that and more, combining these processes with our outstanding customer service and support. Sign up with CRE Lender today to find out more about our work and the lenders we connect you with. You’ll quickly see why CRE Lender is the good news you’ve been waiting for. 

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