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The CRELender Hard Money Loan Division is fueled by experienced investors who have committed to investing in commercial asset based mortgage loans by investing private capital. Hard Money Loans normally are funded fast, sometimes in two to three weeks.  The Hard Money Division at Commercial Real Estate Lender, Inc. offers commercial real estate mortgage loans for cash out refinancing, rehab, business restructure, acquisition, short-term credit resolutions, development, construction, bank workouts, and emergency funds.

Your trust, LLC, individual, partnership or corporation can utilize our Hard Money Loans to reach your financial goals. We provide financing for projects that other lenders or banks won’t do, in a time frame that other lenders cannot compete with. Our approach consists of clear identification of a client’s requirements and possible financing structures, matching the borrower’s objectives with the most appropriate commercial loan programs.

We realize that you need immediate approvals and quick closings. Our direct control over the entire Hard Money loan process accelerates the time it takes to get loans approved. A hard money refinance loan is collateralized against the quick-sale value of the property for the purpose of determining the loan-to-value ratio (LTV%). With a Hard Money purchase, the value is defined as today’s purchase price.

The Hard Money finance landscape of commercial lending has radically changed over the past year. Banks are continuously tightening up on their credit and underwriting requirements and turning down more and more commercial property owners for insufficient credit, tax returns or past history and sometimes for no reason at all. At CRELender, credit is considered but is not the most important factor in making Hard Money loans; it’s the collateral value of the commercial real estate property that matters the most. Our extensive industry experience has shown that by establishing mutual trust, respect and open communication with our clients, we can create long term partnerships. As a result, we deliver financing solutions quickly.

Because we know your time is critical, credit requests are handled locally so you can avoid traditional processing slow-downs. Each of our senior commercial loan advisors is supported by a dedicated underwriting committee to speed you through the due diligence process, ensuring the best ultimate flexibility in rate, structure, and term for each borrower. The CRELender Hard Money Division is highly regarded within the industry for its integrity, creativity, and advocacy on behalf of its realtors, mortgage brokers, and borrowers.

Sometimes institutional investors, private real estate firms, real estate owners and developers face significant time constraints and complexities, including managing numerous relationships in growing and enhancing the value of their portfolios. CRELender brings insight, strategy, and structure to the dynamic process of capitalizing real estate with a Hard Money loan. With expertise, systems, and people, we manage the capital supply from debtor to debtee.

The Hard Money Division at CRELender has a highly experienced in-house finance department for all of your Hard Money commercial real estate capital requirements. Our senior commercial loan directors are experienced in Hard Money commercial real estate lending. Choosing the right Hard Money advisor to execute a strategic business plan is critical to achieving your goals. You’ll be more than satisfied with the advice, professional tools, and access to the Hard Money capital markets you get with the CRELender Hard Money Division.

Too many wealthy deserving commercial property owners are being denied financing on their commercial real estate. Sometimes you need a Hard Money loan to clean up your credit and give yourself a new chance. We’ll do that for you and give you the opportunity you need to pay off bills, clean up your credit and create enough time to change your financial accounting and once again be able to get that bank loan you want. In most cases, we can structure a loan where your interest payments are pre-paid. If you need a short term Hard Money loan and you have equity in your commercial real estate, no matter your credit standing or credit history, contact the CRELender Hard Money Division.

We realize that relationships, transparency and service are the foundation of our continued commercial and business financing success. The Hard Money Division brings knowledge and expertise our staff has to offer, a user friendly technology platform, and products and service that far exceed hard money industry standards.

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