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There’s no denying that a triple net lease is one of the best lease types for commercial property owners. These leases put all of the expenses and maintenance in the hands of the lessee, so that you do not need to handle any additional costs or commit much time to managing the property.

It’s because of these benefits that lenders are also happy to provide loans for those that have triple net leases on their property. Lenders know that these types of lessees are valuable, and as long as they have a high credit score, the lessee is very likely to pay back the loan. But what types of loans can you get as a commercial property owner with a triple net lease? The following are some triple net lease sample ideas.

Idea One: Cashing Out Your Property

Imagine you own a property outright and you rent it to someone on a triple net lease. You do not necessarily want to sit and wait for that property to pay out. Rent is collected in small doses every month, and you may want to take advantage of your property ownership right now instead.

Lenders can provide you with a lump sum of cash up to the value of your property, knowing that you have a long term lease on the property already in place. These loans are generally very low interest and easy to qualify for provided the tenant has a high credit rating.

Idea Two: Paying For Your Property

Another way that people use triple net to get loan is to use the triple net lease as a way to justify payment for the property. This is especially valuable for those purchasing a property that already has a triple net lease on it, or those that can prove they have the lessee in place on a property they plan to purchase.

Lenders are willing to provide lower interest loans to businesses that can show a lessee is already renting the place out using triple net, and so these types of loans can be very valuable to commercial property buyers.

Acquiring a Triple Net Lease Loan

These triple net lease examples are the most common ways that property owners acquire loans, and the reason that triple net lease loans are so popular. If you want to connect to a lender that is willing to provide these types of loans, sign up with CRE Lender today. We’re the number one source of lending help, putting you in touch with a lender that is certain to meet your needs. Sign up today to learn more.


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